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The Buffalo "Tsunami" of 1844

The Buffalo "Tsunami" of 1844

  This flood occurred October 18, 1844.  It was the most disastrous that has ever occurred since the city was founded. It came without warning, an avalanche of waters upon a sleeping community, many of whom were drowned and many of whom had narrow escapes from a similar fate.  For several days before the occurrence of the flood a strong north- east wind had been driving the water up the lake, but on the evening of the 18th a sudden shift of the wind took place, and it blew from the opposite direction with a tremendous force, never before or since known to the inhabitants of Buffalo. It brought with it immense volumes of water in a tremendous wave, which overflowed the lower districts of the city and vicinity, demolishing scores of buildings, and spreading ruin along the harbor front, playing havoc with shipping, and causing an awful destruction of human life. 

Coast Guard Cautions Great Lakes Citizens & Visitors of Dangers of Weakening Ice

Coast Guard Cautions Great Lakes Citizens & Visitors of Dangers of Weakening Ice

CLEVELAND, OH - The U.S. Coast Guard is cautioning those who choose to recreate on ice-covered waterways in the Great Lakes region that warmer weather expected this week and coming weekend may accelerate melting of ice fields, resulting in dangerous conditions.

Prior to going on or near any ice-covered waterways, people should check local weather forecasts and the National Weather Service's Marine Forecasts: http://www.weather.gov/om/marine/home.htm

The Coast Guard and other U.S.

Free Adult Flu Shot & Health Screening Clinic at The Belle Center

Buffalo, New York – December 1, 2010 – The winter season is here and we want to help adult members in the community fight the flu virus. Flu shots, blood pressure and diabetes screenings will be given: 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Monday, December 6th, at 104 Maryland Street Buffalo, NY 14201.

Insurance cards should be brought if the person is insured. If a person does not have insurance, they will not be turned away. This event is free to the community and sponsored by Catholic Health Charities Health Connection, The Belle Center and Holy Cross Church. 

BOPC Announces "Olmsted Nights Winter Lights" and "FLURRIOUS!"

The official announcement went out for Olmsted Nights Winter Lights the first energy efficient theatrical lighting show in Western New York. Taking place in the historic Delaware Park along Parkside Ave. including the Parkside Lodge this event will use over 50,000 LED, solar, and other energy efficient lights in a theatrical lighting display. Today's press conference took place inside the Parkside Lodge to provide a media preview which included the ceremonial relighting of the fireplace for the first time in 50 years. The lodge was also decked out in holiday decorations similar to how it will look during Olmsted Nights Winter Lights. Live music was performed by O'Connell & Company Productions and Eden Carriage Company gave a preview of the carriage rides that will be available to enhance the experience.