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Lake Effect Snow Watch Thursday Night into Friday

Lake Effect Snow Watch Thursday Night into Friday


BUFFALO, NY 330 PM EST WED DEC 7 2011 - You knew it had to happen eventually. The National Weather Service has issued a lake effect snow watch  -- somewhere between an advisory and a warning – for late Thursday night through early Thursday evening.

According to the statement, the watch is in effect for Niagara, Erie, Genesee and Wyoming counties but there remains some uncertainty as to the exact placement and intensity of the lake effect snow. Accumulations of 2 to 4 inches Thursday night and 3 to 5 inches Friday lead to storm totals of 5 to 9 inches expected in the most persistent lake snows.

The heaviest snow is expected to shift from north to south over the course of the day, but only a small change in wind direction will result in changes to expected snowfall, forecasters say.

Visibilities as low as a quarter-mile at times are possible. The Friday morning commute may be very difficult in the Buffalo metro area.

We Want Your Irene Updates!

We Want Your Irene Updates!

Hurricane Irene is expected to impact over 65 million people over the next several days and there is no question that this could be one of the most serious storms to hit the eastern seaboard in half a century if the forecast holds true.

With Western New Yorkers all over the United States, 2 Your Town is asking you the viewers to help keep us in the loop of what is going on from the ground level. 

Send us your pictures, videos, and updates on the conditions you or your loved ones are seeing from the hurricane’s path.

To stay updated on the storm from other areas, check out our sister stations in Jacksonville, Washington DC and Portland, Maine.

5 Ways to Beat The Heat On a Budget

5 Ways to Beat The Heat On a Budget

It's officially a heatwave here in Buffalo. As we all sweat through our shirts, we begin looking for ways to cool off. For those of us on a budget, however, cooling off can be a challenge. It's easy to run through our sprinklers or hose each other off, but when even that becomes tiresome, we must search for more creative alternatives. 

 The Mall

It may sound silly, but the mall is the best way to get access to free air conditioning. It's also a great way to get light exercise while staying out of the scorching heat. It is common knowledge that a 30 minute walk, 3 days a week is a great way to stay healthy. However, as temperatures soar to the 90s, walking outside for that long can not only be uncomfortable, it can be dangerous. A brisk walk around an air-conditioned mall is a great alternative to risking dehydration or heat stroke, especially for the elderly.

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