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Hotel Owners Turning to Sure Step to Keep Guests and Employees on Their Feet | Business

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Hotel Owners Turning to Sure Step to Keep Guests and Employees on Their Feet
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Hotel Owners Turning to Sure Step to Keep Guests and Employees on Their Feet

Slip-and-fall injuries are a serious concern for all businesses, and the lodging industry is no exception. In fact, think about all the areas in a hotel, motel or bed-and-breakfast that have an increased potential for falls: Lobby floors and uncarpeted walkways, buffet and dining areas, kitchens, around swimming pools and saunas, locker rooms, restrooms. It’s a pretty lengthy list.

To prevent slip-and-fall accidents, more and more businesses, including hotels, are turning to a product called Sure Step, offered locally by Western New York-based Nonslip Safety Solution, to keep guests and employees on their feet. The result: Fewer potential lawsuits and/or missed work days.

“Before we apply Sure Step, we will thoroughly test your floors to determine areas of need,” said Stephen DeMarte, owner of Nonslip Safety Solution. “That way, the business is only paying for Sure Step to be applied in areas that have a greater potential for slip-and-fall incidents. I would encourage business owners to schedule a Sure Step test and then talk to their employees to see if they’ve noticed a significant change in floor traction. We’re confident they will, and then for as little as a $200 investment, companies can take measures to prevent accidents, reduce missed work days by employees and avoid potential legal action.”

Sure Step is a non-slip treatment that can be applied to a wide variety of flooring surfaces. Once a surface has been treated, the chances of slipping and falling are greatly reduced. Sure Step provides a non-slip result without leaving a coating or film on the floor. It is an incredible product that truly lives up to its name!

“Some companies are opting for an expensive fix in an attempt to reduce falls, such as replacing floors with high-grain tiles, but through testing we’ve discovered that these high-grain tiles are actually worse than a flat, smooth surface when they are wet,” added DeMarte. “That’s because the tiles are small, and there’s less contact area with the footwear.”

To learn more about Sure Step, schedule a free demonstration or to have your floors compliance tested, please contact DeMarte at (716) 560-5594 or nonslipsafetysolution@gmail.com, or sales associate James Beiler at (585) 205-3057 or safety@nonslipsafetysolution.com. You can also follow Nonslip Safety Solution on Facebook and view a Sure Step video at www.facebook.com/Nonslip-Safety-Solution-1697905040511973/.

Business, Health, News

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