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Who's Who in TorontoFashion: Vanja Vasic | Arts & Culture

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Who's Who in TorontoFashion: Vanja Vasic
Who's Who in TorontoFashion: Vanja Vasic

As |FAT| Fashion Arts Toronto officially launches its annual event Apr. 23-27 in Toronto we all look forward to the fashionista’s ,beautiful people, artists, models, dancers, trendy outfits, and timeless sophistication of many of the designs walking the catwalk. It is also important to turn our focus behind the scenes and keep in mind the countless people who are put in the hard work remaining dedicated to the arts and maintaining this fabulous illusion.

|FAT| Fashion Art Toronto is annual event founded in 2005 by executive director Vanja Vasic who studied Fashion Design at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada and Visual Arts and Design at Westminster University in London, England. |FAT| is the first event of its kind ever created in Toronto, it’s a non-profit organization dedicated to building greater interest in inventive, pioneering and contemporary Canadian design and artistic practices. As executive director during that last 8 years Vanja Vasic continues to pave the way for talented emerging artists in the art and fashion industries. She has curated, promoted and presented over more than 1000 artists from Canada and abroad.

|FAT| - Arts & Fashion Week connects fashion with art and working with organizations to build public interest in interdisciplinary design and art practices. Through FAT along with college lectures and several other collaborative projects Vanja main objective is to engage the public as well as the youth to build greater interest in fashion and the arts.

|FAT| April 23-27 in Toronto held in a historic industrial warehouse located in Toronto’s new up and coming arts district on Sterling Rd. For tickets http://fashionarttoronto.ca/buy-tickets/

I caught up with |FAT founder Vanja Vasic for an interview and here’s what she had to say:

Tammy Beckman: |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week features over 50 runway shows from the best emerging and established, national and international designers How did FAT come about?

Vanja Vasic: |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week was born 8 years ago. I founded the event in 2005, while I was a student of fashion at Ryerson University. As an aspiring designer, I felt the need to create a platform that encourages and fosters young talent in the art and fashion industries. At the time I felt that a lot of talented people in art, fashion and other creative industries were leaving Canada to go to more recognized fashion cities like London, New York and Paris, and I wanted to create new interest and excitement locally about Canadian fashion and art. |FAT|’s vision and mandate is to feature artists and designers from Canada and around the world in order to create a global dialogue and international exchange. Since 2005, the festival promoted and presented over more than 1000 artists from Canada and abroad.

Tammy Beckman: With so many artistic disciplines rooted in fashion how did you choose the categories and designers?

Vanja Vasic: We chose to feature design, photography, film, performance and installation because they are mediums that can be used as a vehicle to express and explore ideas around fashion. We wanted to create a more conceptual approach to fashion by incorporating an artistic perspective, as well as to explore fashion from a broader standpoint. By presenting many artistic categories we can explore how people express and or define themselves through fashion, how fashion can be related to broader social, cultural, environmental and political issues, in addition to presenting the beauty of the clothing that hits the runway.

Each year we put forward a theme, and this year we explore “Fashion Therapy – Drama, Craving, Crisis, Escape and Euphoria” We select artists and designers based on their relevance to this year’s theme, their approach to presenting fashion in any of the mediums we present as well as the merit of their work.

Tammy Beckman: Who is your target audience for the event?

Vanja Vasic: |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week reflects the diversity of the city of Toronto. Our audience ranges from students to professionals in the arts and fashion industries as well as the general public from all walks of life who are interested in creativity, fashion and entertainment.

Tammy Beckman: What do you want people to take from the event?

Vanja Vasic: |FAT| is about taking in all the different perspectives on fashion, and presenting diverse visions. We want people to come away with a unique sensory experience. |FAT| is not just about watching the show passively – it’s about being engaged in all the aspects of the festival – which is a visceral, live, dynamic and exciting experience.

Tammy Beckman: Where can we find out more info on the event and the artists?

Vanja Vasic: More info can be found on our website at http://fashionarttoronto.ca/ but the best place to see and experience the art and fashion is LIVE at |FAT| 2013

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