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Jessica Sodaro: Practicing the Art of Self-healing | People

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Jessica Sodaro: Practicing the Art of Self-healing
Jessica Sodaro: Practicing the Art of Self-healing


At just 28 years of age, Jessica Sodaro has already experienced enough during her lifetime to write a book. Unfortunately, many of those experiences happen to be things that no one hopes to ever encounter. But on a much more positive note, she is now letting go of her demons, emotions and pain through art. 

While others in her situation may have turned to a life of drugs and alcohol, Jessica has turned to paint and brush. And she hopes others experiencing a life filled with difficulties will follow in her footsteps.

Born and raised in Buffalo, Jessica gave birth to two children by the age of 18. She has been in two failed marriages and in and out of several physically abusive relationships which have left her having to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As a child, she grew up in a home without a father.

When Jessica was 20 years old she was at an extremely low point in her life, barely able to drag herself out of bed. It was there on her mattress when she recalled something that her mother had once told her: “When you are down, you have no choice but to look up.” That quote was like an epiphany, eventually pulling her closer to God and giving her a newfound purpose for her newly discovered natural talent.

Jessica believes it was truly God’s intervention that led her to discover the artistic talent hidden within. She remembers looking at a puzzle box displaying the head of Christ, attempting to paint the image, and succeeding. “From that point on, I had found my purpose and knew that I had to share my story,” Jessica said. “That piece, for the last eight years, has been hanging in my mother’s home.”  

Even with no formal art training, painting would become her therapy, her medication, her release and her escape. A colorful series called “Space Creatures” is sure to have people talking. While she has already sold several paintings independently, this is the first time that the “Space Creatures” collection will be released to the public for purchase.

During her darkest period, Jessica said she felt like she was going to die a young death. “I had no counseling, no medications,” she said. “Art became my medication. All of my hurt went into creating ‘Space Creatures,’ and it was so freeing. And I can never stop because I’m always coming up with new ideas. I can’t put the brush down. I paint every week because I need to let the creatures out. When I look at them, it’s like each one is a piece of me.”

While her paintings come from dark origins, she believes the bright colors incorporated into the “Space Creatures” series make people feel happy. “It’s my purpose as an artist to have my story out there so others might relate to it and get through their difficult times,” Jessica added. “I hope my art has an impact on people and I want people to know my story. The arts are one of the only talents that can take a so-called mental illness and create beauty. I challenge other individuals who are going through difficulties in life to find their talent and unleash their creatures.”

Now residing in South Buffalo with her two children, examples of Jessica’s artwork can be seen on her Facebook page at www.facebook.com/pages/Jessica-Sodaro-Artist/216715215192314. To contact the artist directly, please email jessica.sodaro@yahoo.com.



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