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Rock Climbing Coming to Old Buffalo Grain Silo | News

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Rock Climbing Coming to Old Buffalo Grain Silo

BUFFALO, NY - Some see the old grain elevators along the Buffalo River as an eyesore, but a small group of private investors sees potential.

"We look at these things every day and they are just so ridiculously tall, almost prehistoric. They're almost like our own personal mountain range," said Jason Schwinger, co-founder of Silo City Rocks.

Schwinger and his business partners are transforming one of the old silos near Ohio and Childs Streets into an indoor/outdoor climbing facility.

Silo City Rocks, as it's being called, will also feature a yoga studio, community room, and history and learning center.

"Buffalo has a great history of artist's renderings, things that are going to happen. We don't want to be another one of those things that didn't happen," said co-founder Andrew Minier.

The group is investing at least $100,000 to get the project started, and they will expand the plans as they raise more money and as interest grows.

They've started an online fundraising campaign to gauge interest and to help move the project forward faster.

The dealine for contrubuting to the kickstarter is Sunday, April 14, at midnight.

"A lot of people are working together to make this a world class destination for climbing because of the amount of vertical space," said co-founder Kevin Cullen.

The group plans a soft opening for Memorial Day weekend.


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