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What's Next for Buffalo's Grain Elevators? | News

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What's Next for Buffalo's Grain Elevators?

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- We should soon have a better idea of what the future holds for the outside of some of Buffalo's grain elevators.  The reviews were very positive following a light show on one of the elevators last week.

The folks at the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation believe that a light show on the grain elevators could be a tourist attraction.

if you think that sounds far fetched, there's a grain elevator light show in Quebec that draws 300,000 people a year.

The consultants on the Buffalo project will report back in about two months.

Also, waterfront planners say they're already thinking about what events they'll have next summer at Canalside at the Inner Harbor.  They say they've reached out to 700 different groups and members of the public to see what they'd like to have there, as well as organizations that may put on actual events for next year's summer season.

The folks at Erie Canal Harbor say they want to expand the length of the season from three months to five months.


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