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Buffalo's New Granite Bike Path | News

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Buffalo's New Granite Bike Path

BUFFALO, N.Y. --   If you like to bike or jog or rollerblade or stroll along a scenic paved path, you may soon want to try the new path under construction along Fuhrmann Boulevard in Buffalo. It is made of granite.

That's right, more than five thousand of the 200 pound granite slabs will be installed as part of the Industrial Heritage Trail which is being built by the Mark Cerrone Construction firm under contract with the New York State DOT.

DOT spokeswoman Susan Surdej says normally a bike path is just made of stones or black-top. But she says the more durable granite became available when it was rejected for a DOT project in Manhattan.

It was supposed to be part of a walkway or promenade along the Route 9 - A project which passes by the World Trade Center site in New York City. Surdej says the granite was paid for with funding from the Federal Highway Administration which is supported with tax revenue from gasoline sales and other sources. The DOT confirms that merchants in New York City felt the granite was just too gray and they wanted brighter shades of granite with pink and purple shades.

So Surdej says the gray granite was made available to any government takers and the DOT was able to get it for the project in Buffalo.

So far we have not been able to get a cost figure for the granite. But the state DOT says again it did not cost them anything because it was available from the other project. The state and those dis-satisfied merchants in New York City are still discussing how to get and pay for that brighter granite they want down there.           


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