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Bennett: Rumore Should Sign Now | News

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Bennett: Rumore Should Sign Now

BUFFALO, NY - With nearly six million dollars in state funding still hanging in the balance this year, the President of the Buffalo Teachers Federation, Phil Rumore, still refuses to sign an agreement on a teacher evaluation plan.

Recently, we spoke with Bob Bennett from the New York Board of Regents, who says the district simply cannot afford to lose the money. 

"There really isn't any reason on God's earth not to go ahead with this at this time," said Bennett. 

Bennett admits he's frustrated and is convinced we cannot afford to lose $5.6 million of funding this year and nearly $60 million next year for some of the lowest performing schools in the district. The one sticking point is a signature from Phil Rumore, who needs to sign off on a new teacher evaluation program.

"This whole program is a professional development program, not a 'gotcha' program, it's to help teachers who are highly effective, effective, developing, or ineffective.  We want to move them up another notch over time," added Bennett.

Back in March the school district and both unions signed an agreement, but the commissioner said three things needed to be changed.  That's when the teachers union, according to Bennett, basically walked away from the negotiations.

Bennett says the last resort is a state takeover which he says is not a good option, but it is an option.

"We just want to convince these teachers that these changes are very insignificant to them long term."

We've called Phil Rumore twice over the past two days for a response to Mr. Bennett's comments.  He has not returned our phone calls.




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