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Daemen Student is First-Ever Intern in Village Mayor’s Office | News

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Daemen Student is First-Ever Intern in Village Mayor’s Office
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Daemen Student is First-Ever Intern in Village Mayor’s Office

Daemen College student Amy Grimes is gaining valuable experience this summer as the first-ever intern in the Village of Williamsville Mayor’s Office, a role that’s giving her the opportunity to assist with a historic preservation project and a major community development initiative.

“We are extremely pleased to have Amy on board and to be a part of enhancing her educational experience and professional development by engaging her in the work of village government,” said Williamsville Mayor Brian Kulpa. “In the few weeks she’s been with us, her contributions to our office have already had a positive impact.”

Among her duties as intern, Grimes is lending a hand with government administrative tasks, managing village social media outlets, and attending village board work sessions and meetings. “This internship is exposing me to areas in government where I’m taking what I’ve learned in the classroom and applying it in a real work setting,” said Grimes, a dual political science and history major.

“The meetings are a wonderful opportunity for me to connect with area leaders and to gain a good understanding of village operations while also developing skills that will be beneficial to me as I work toward my career goals. It’s been an amazing experience.”

Most recently, Grimes has taken on a major project with the Village of Williamsville Historic Preservation Commission. With this, she is putting her interest in history to good use by conducting research on 26 properties the commission has nominated for historic landmark status and incorporating her research into reports for this endeavor.

“I’m especially excited about the historic preservation project because I’ve always been drawn to history and now I’m able to use that passion for something that could have a lasting effect in the village. For me, the project has made me realize where I want to focus my career,” said Grimes, who plans to attend graduate school after completing her studies this fall at Daemen, and, ultimately, work in a museum.

In addition to the preservation project, Grimes is assisting Charlie Specht, director of community development for the Village of Williamsville, with efforts to create a mixed-used, walkable village.

“The vision for this project is to develop a walkable village, which covers about one-square mile and has about 5,000 residents, that’s more pedestrian-friendly, vibrant and inviting to area residents and visitors,” explained Specht. “Amy has helped with coordinating public outreach related to this project and is getting a hands-on, practical understanding and a good sense of the work that goes into this type of community initiative.”

Grimes, an East Amherst resident and graduate of Mount St. Mary Academy, noted that “interning in the mayor’s office is a great chance for me to work on interesting projects and to get a level of experience that will open up a lot of possibilities. I’m grateful for this opportunity.”

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