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Berardi Immigration Law’s First Quarter Border Activity

Berardi Immigration Law’s First Quarter Border Activity


Berardi Immigration Law has had a busy first quarter at the U.S.-Canadian border. Since early January, we have appeared on behalf of at least 40 clients on 18 separate days at the Peace Bridge. Some of these appearances were entered on behalf of other attorneys, but most represent clients whose cases our office fully drafted and prepared. A sample of some of our interesting cases include:

Catholic Charities Appeal Week 2015 Opens with $7.43 Million Raised Toward $10.9 Million Goal

Catholic Charities Appeal Week 2015 Opens with $7.43 Million Raised  Toward $10.9 Million Goal

The Most Reverend Richard J. Malone, bishop of the Diocese of Buffalo, announced Tuesday, March 24, Catholic Charities’ 91st annual Appeal has raised $7,432,587.16 to date, representing 68 percent of the $10.9 million goal. The total includes monies collected and reported by parish volunteers during the opening weekend (March 21-22) of Appeal Week 2015, the period which marks the strongest push for parish donations.

The total reported is more than $500,000 short of where Catholic Charities’ officials and the Appeal leadership team hoped to be after the first Sunday.

Funds raised for Appeal 2015 support Catholic Charities’ 70 programs and services offered across 61 sites throughout the eight counties of Western New York, and the Bishop’s Fund for the Faith, which supports related ministries of the Diocese of Buffalo.

Daemen’s Geppetto Festival to Bring New Life to Art of Puppetry

Daemen’s Geppetto Festival to Bring New Life to Art of Puppetry

The artistic talents of puppeteers from across the United States will be showcased in the second annual Geppetto Festival, named after the beloved woodcarver from the children’s classic “Pinocchio,” scheduled for April 15 as part of the Daemen College Academic Festival.

“The Geppetto Festival is intended to share enriching presentations and performances to help bring new life to puppetry,” said Cameron Garrity, festival director. “Whether young or young at heart, the festival will give audiences the chance to explore new avenues of puppetry beyond Sesame Street and other well-known shows.”

What is the Difference Between the FEIN and ITIN?

What is the Difference Between the FEIN and ITIN?


As many of you may know, it is common to encounter tax-related fields on forms issued for immigration purposes. Two of these fields include the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and Individual IRS Tax Number (ITIN). It is important to understand the difference between these numbers and the meaning each holds.


Parade celebrates pride in Irish heritage

BUFFAO, NY - Delaware Avenue in Buffalo was a sea of green Sunday as the the St. Patrick's Day Parade made its way through the heart of downtown. A crowd of an estimated 80,000 people attended this year's event, along with the Grand Marshalls, the Irish dancers, the bagpipes and drums, and various floats. You also saw some Irish Setters for the celebration and crowds packing the sidewalks, at last clear of snow, to take it all in.

Peg Overdorf, of the Valley Community Association, summed up what the parade means in terms of the Irish peoples' heritage in Western New York.

Old Neighborhood Parade St. Paddy's weekend

BUFFALO, NY - The festivities are already underway for this St. Patrick's weekend. It began today with the Old Neighborhood Parade down in South Buffalo with a certain distinctive instrument. Yes, the bagpipes and drums were heard as the parade stepped off on South Park and other streets around the Valley and Buffalo's Old First Ward.

Attendance has steadily grown for this parade which is part one of the festive weekend.

Part two comes with Sunday's downtown parade on Delaware Avenue. The parade steps off at 2 p.m. from Niagara Square.

If you use public transportation to get downtown, you'll be able to ride the Metro Rail for free.

In an effort to make this a safe event, police say they'll be looking for underage drinking, and drinking and driving. You can also be cited for having an open container of alcohol and littering.

Sinkholes opening up across WNY

BUFFALO, NY - As temperatures warm up, sinkholes have been opening up on roads across the area.

A school bus got stuck in one of the bigger ones in Lackawanna. The bus's rear tire sunk right into the hole on Modern Avenue. The sinkhole opened up at a spot where a water main break happened a couple of hours earlier. There were children on the bus but they're fine.

Lackawanna Mayor Geoff Symanski lives near where the sinkhole opened up. He says this has been a bad year for water main breaks and the sinkhole problems they cause.

A whole series of sinkholes opened up on Edson Street in South Buffalo. Drivers had to take it slow and dodge the openings in the road.

It's one of many places roads have simply caved in because of excess moisture and warmer temps.