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Pakistan: A New Perspective (3D)

Pakistan: A New Perspective (3D)

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“Let us trust each other,” roared the Governor-general designate and added; “Let us judge by results, not by theories. With the help of every section –I see that every class is represented in this huge gathering –let us work in double shift if necessary to make the Sovereign State of Pakistan really happy, really united and really powerful.” 

-  Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Speech at a Dinner Party given by the late Mr. Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah at the Karachi Club on 9th August, 1947.

Independence: All Men Are Created Equal?

Independence:  All Men Are Created Equal?

Righteous:  acting in accord with divine or moral law.

Rightful:  having a just or legally established claim.

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"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

- Preamble, The United States Declaration of Independence, 1776 


Independence Day, or the Fourth of July, is a celebration [and federal holiday] in the United States to recognize the Declaration of Independence of 1776.  A statement adopted by the Continental Congress declaring that thirteen American colonies [then at war with Great Britain], were now independent states, no longer a part of the British Empire.

FREE Panel and Reception: "Developing the Larkin District: Past, Present and Into the Future"

FREE Panel and Reception: "Developing the Larkin District: Past, Present and Into the Future"

Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society and the Wehle School of Business at Canisius College, in collaboration with the Larkin Development Group, are pleased to present an evening program titled “Developing the Larkin District: Past, Present and Into the Future.” Additional support and sponsorship comes generously from the Darwin Martin House and Western New York Heritage magazine.

This FREE event is open to the public and will take place Wednesday, June 22, 2011, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the Carl & Carol Montante Cultural Center on the campus of Canisius College. A reception, also free and open to the public, will begin at 6 p.m.

The public is invited to this FREE program featuring expert speakers on Buffalo’s first manufacturing district, the innovative Larkin Company, world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s Larkin Administration Building, and the future of this historic district in the twenty-first century.

Free Henry! to Headline Artpark June 13 (FREE)

Free Henry! to Headline Artpark June 13 (FREE)

On Monday, June 13th, the Western New York rock band Free Henry! will headline a free concert at Artpark in Lewiston NY.

We are Unarmed and We Are Sailing: US Boat To Gaza

We are Unarmed and We Are Sailing: US Boat To Gaza

Organizers of the U.S. Boat to Gaza announced that they expect some 50 people will be aboard The Audacity of Hope when it joins the second “freedom flotilla” in late June to break the siege of Gaza.

The announcement came on the year’s anniversary of the 2010 Israeli attack on unarmed passengers aboard the Mavi Marmara, killing nine, including an 18-year old U.S. citizen of Turkish descent.

Leslie Cagan, coordinator of the U.S. Boat to Gaza, said, “We are sailing-despite threats by the Israeli armed forces to use attack dogs and snipers against us-and despite frantic diplomatic pressure by the Israeli government to prevent other countries from allowing the flotilla to sail.” She commented that while Egypt has just opened the Rafah border to Gaza, the maritime blockade and the Israeli siege of Gaza still exist.

What I Like About Mary Queen of Angels School — Part 9

What I Like About Mary Queen of Angels School — Part 9

Following is one of several stories written by members of the Mary Queen of Angels Regional Catholic School Writers’ Club. Members of the club were asked to write a brief essay about why they enjoy Mary Queen of Angels School, or their fondest MQA memory. For more information about the school, located at 170 Rosewood Terrace in Cheektowaga, please visit www.mqangels.com

By Savannah M., Grade 6

Nothing is Sacred: Saleem Shahzad

Nothing is Sacred:  Saleem Shahzad

What is truth? According to Merriam-Webster, truth is defined as: fact, the body of real things, an idea that is true or accepted as true, and reality.  What then is a journalist? A journalist is a writer who aims at a mass audience through the medium of journalism. Journalism is writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or a description of events without an attempt at interpretation. This means a journalist is a writer that writes truth without personal opinion based upon fact and reality.

Syed Saleem Shahzad was the Pakistan Bureau Chief of Asia Times Online, covering issues of global security, focusing on Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Shahzad has reported on Islamist movements, taking him to Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Syria and the UAE.

Shahzad introduced the world to Al-Qaeda and Sheikh Essa  His interviews include: