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Tapestry Charter High School- A School with its Eye on the Arts | Arts & Culture

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Tapestry Charter High School- A School with its Eye on the Arts
Tapestry Charter High School- A School with its Eye on the Arts

From the time you enter the building, you know that Tapestry has an arts focus. The walls are protruding with art projects. Around every corner, there is something new to discover. Their new space allows them limitless possibilities.

The focus is present due to the dedication of the Director of Arts Education, Hannah Raiken-Schulman, who has helped to finalize classroom needs that include a new dance studio, music room, and visual arts space.

One of the newest additions to the school is the Museum Studies program. The high school students are invited to participate in fieldwork relating to museum careers, such as building museum exhibits. This program helps to build an interest and commitment to Western New York’s cultural institutions and the role they play in the community, and of course students meet some expeditionary learning benchmarks along the way. (Tapestry is an Expeditionary Learning school. Find out more here. )

The eleventh grade students recently participated in a CEPA Gallery expedition. Students first studied the work of Kara Walker, who is best known for her room-size black cut-paper silhouettes that study American racial and gender strain. The students then created their own silhouettes in order to discover the few bits and pieces left from their personalities and characteristics. According to Raiken-Schulman, “it encouraged students to see what reducing people, objects, and things down to simple forms and shapes can do.” These works are just a few of the many hanging in the hallways at Tapestry Charter High School.

Hanging alongside the silhouettes, are equally astounding photograms of students. These life-size works are a contrast to the silhouettes as they are nothing but personality. (For anyone who’s ever steps foot in a darkroom, you can imagine how complex and messy exposing and developing a life-size work could be.) The students’ final products are a clear mark of the dedication they put into these two projects.

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