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The End....The Erie County Fair is OVER!!! |

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The End....The Erie County Fair is OVER!!!
The End....The Erie County Fair is OVER!!!

Well for the average fairgoer, the Fair is over.  Plain and simple, just over.  But for the obsessed fairgoer such as myself, the Fair is over and now we are counting down to next year!  Next year, the 175th Erie County Fair, promises to be special and spectacular!  There are so many plans already being formulated to make it a Fair that we will not forget!

This year's Fair was truly a great event for me.  Ultimate Fairgoers were recognized especially this year.  I was truly honored to share my story and experiences as well as were the previous Ultimates that were interviewed.  Helene Edie and her husband, Bob, were featured with a color photo and nice story in the Buffalo News.  In that story there was also a really nice photo of me and Terry Nawotka and her family.  We all tried to share the things that makes the Fair special for us and also any of the fond memories that we had.  This was a truly special interview for me and my fellow Ultimates.

And on the subject of Ultimates, I was also able to connect for a short visit with Ultimate 2012, Tim Beasor.  He came all the way from Florida to spend a day at the Fair.  We shared some laughs and Fair stories and then he was off to spend the rest of the Fair day taking in as many things as you can in one day!  

I also had the honor of spending some time with our new Ultimate Fairgoer 2013...Marty Brownsey.  Marty was a great choice this year.  He spends everyday at the Fair, just like me and plans his day to be able to get in as much Fair stuff as he can each and every day of the Fair.  He is truly an enthusiastic Fairgoer, and his enthusiasm is contagious.  

I met up with all the friends that I have connected with over the years.  I had perfect attendance and even better than that, made a few new fair friends.  You can never have too many fair friends, you know.  We shared our table.....we shared some laughs......and really enjoyed all that came to visit and share some smiles!

We had the privilege to talk to the folks from WNED and contribute all that we could about our Fair thoughts and memories.  They were on the grounds during the entire Fair filming for the documentary that they are going to put out to honor the 175th anniversary of the Erie County Fair. That will be some great movie to see!

The folks at the Fairgrounds put out a great product this year to all of us Fairgoers.  There was lots of good entertainment and lots of good foods, both old and new favorites.  My favorite was the abundance of "free space" all over the Fairgrounds to just sit and rest at or to share a meal with friends at.  And to end each night there was a pretty neat laser show to watch.

But, all these good things must come to an end.  We were able to live, laugh, and breathe the Fair, but now, all of that is over for another year.  Another 350 some days and the Erie County Fair will be back.  I went back to the Fairgrounds to get the things that I had entered (and in case you are interested, I did earn $39 on my entries) and saw that most of the Fair had already been taken down and hauled away. There were a few things still left on the Midway parking lot, but for the most part, the Fair was really over!

A friend was good enough to share a picture that he took of the Strates rides on the train ready to get taken away.  Yesterday the ferris wheel was so large and intimidating, and now today it is all disassembled and just there on the Fair train ready to head off to another festive location.  Now in Hamburg, but soon somewhere else!

So my dear fellow Fairgoers......I can only hope that your Fair experience this year was as great as mine was.  Now we can take the time to just reflect on all the good times that we shared with so many this year.  The food was good...the rides and exhibits were good......and now we can just wait for Erie County Fair 2014.....just a few short months away......take your calendars and mark these dates down......August 6 -17, 2014!  Start now preparing for next year....get your coffee cans started saving that $1 a day......start crocheting those afghans for the Ceative Arts section.....start looking for those cupcake recipes that might get you a great prize for that outstanding recipe......and maybe just focus on the good times that you had at the "Fair" today and bring them all back with you next year....August 6 - 17, 2014!!!  See You "At The Fair"

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